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    What are the best barrier creams for those that suffer from urinary incontinence where the skin is wet chronically in adult incontinence briefs? Prescription or OTC? Any with properties that also help with prevention of yeast? Thanks! ------------------------------ ...

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    Theresa, I have had great luck with pelvic floor physical therapy. Rikka ------------------------------ Rikka Burroughs DNP, ARNP, NP-C CUNP Nurse Practitioner PCI Urology Cedar Rapids IA (319)363-8171 ------------------------------

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    ​My physician always drapes he patient with sterile drapes, but he does not wear a gown or mask. We have had no problems with infections with this technique. ------------------------------ Caroline Cromby BSN RN Aurora Health Care Muskego WI 414-704-3077 ...

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